Inward Enormity 2019,
wood, layered plate

Not for sale.


My artworks made at 2019 at the Alternatív Textil Symposion were inspired by a predominant experience from my childhood. When I started to design these works, I recalled my connection with meat and memories from pig slaughters at the country side. In these works, we can find artworks which can be interpretable alone and together too, but they connected by their color scheme and subject.

The series of meet slices represents the process of deterioration, phase by phase. At the last art piece, I bounced off from the real color scheme of the meat and created a slice of meat with opposite colors as natural. These artworks are two dimensional, part of the space installation as a summary.

At the space-installation, I wanted to represent the authentic wooden tools from the pig slaughter next to the textile surfaces e.g. the frame called „rémfa” which used at the disintegrate of the pig or the table called „hastok” which used at the proccess of meat and fat.